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The company was founded on May. 31st 1996, for years we have been dedicated in developing modernized fire-fighting equipments. With what we believe in “Advance Technology & Continuous Innovation”, we have keep building stronger teams in technology and management and improving a qualified in the competitive markeplace. We have keep quality our priority by strict quality control, thus, to keep moving forward in the competitive marketplace. We have also been doing a lot to built and improve our efficient managment system, which consists of sales, production, tecnical developing, supply, quality control, and the finance department .We were awarded the 3C quality control system certificate by the china certification center for fire products ministry of public security in November, 2015, which would lead us to more advanced mangement, higher quality of products, and better services.

After years of efforts, our products have proceeded from a sole category to diversified, packaging and serial categories, such as heptafluoropane(HFC-227ea) Fire Extinguishing System, High Press Carbon Dioxidde Fire Extinguishing System, Integrate Gas IG-541 Fire Extinguishing System, Restaurant fire suppression device, Foam Extinguishing System etc. All technical specifications fully satisfied the level of national standard.

As the business scale is growing rapidly , we have set up offices in big cities and our business has reached across the nation. We have extended channels with all our clients and our network has covered the different parts of the nation. Our products are used in high-level buildings as well as many major buildings of the governments and financial organization such as departments of electricity,telecommunication, archives control center, and the TV broadcasting center.Our reputation lies in solid technical strength, complete quality assurance, rich scene experience,advanced testing equipments, and excellent after-services. In addition, our products are insured product liability. As a better quality assurance to all our users.

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